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Abstract Submission

Some of our clients are specialised associations of surgeons. At their conferences there are normally opportunities for delegates to make presentations on relevant subjects, either oral or by poster.

Delegates who wish to make presentations have to submit abstracts of what they propose to present, well ahead of the meeting, so that decisions can be made on which will be accepted for the conference programme.

We can provide systems which enable delegates to submit their abstracts online, and which then provide sophisticated facilities for managing those submissions with a desktop system.

The systems are of course tailored to requirements, but features of the online form are likely to include:

  • text or rich-text format, the latter allowing tables and scientific characters
  • multiple co-authors
  • automatic closing dates
  • choice from multiple subjects for the abstracts

Our management program will then provide facilities including:

  • sending acknowledgements and other communications by email
  • creating content for programmes
  • creating ad-hoc reports on all the submission data
Abstracts Form
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